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GKE setting for lndmon.

cloud Internet as user
cloud lnd as lnd

node "cluster:lndmon" as cluster {
    node "service" as cluster.service
    node "node:lndmon" as cluster.lndmon {
        node "pod:lndmon" as cluster.lndmon.pod1 {
            node "lndmon" as cluster.lndmon.pod1.lndmon
        node "pod:prometheus" as cluster.lndmon.pod2 {
            node "prometheus" as cluster.prometheus.pod2.prometheus
        node "pod:grafana" as cluster.lndmon.pod3 {
            node "grafana" as cluster.lndmon.pod3.grafana

        node "pod:poststart" as cluster.lndmon.pod4 {
            node "poststart" as cluster.lndmon.pod4.poststart
        node "pv" as cluster.node.pv {
            node "/root/.lnd/" as cluster.node.pv.lndmon
            node "/prometheus/" as cluster.node.pv.prometheus
            node "/var/lib/grafana/" as cluster.node.pv.grafana

user --> cluster.service
cluster.service ---> cluster.lndmon
cluster.lndmon.pod1 <-- cluster.lndmon.pod4
lnd <---- cluster.lndmon.pod1.lndmon
cluster.lndmon.pod1 --> cluster.lndmon.pod2
cluster.lndmon.pod2 --> cluster.lndmon.pod3
cluster.lndmon.pod1.lndmon --> cluster.node.pv.lndmon
cluster.prometheus.pod2.prometheus --> cluster.node.pv.prometheus
cluster.lndmon.pod3.grafana --> cluster.node.pv.grafana


Before start

$ cp .env.sample .env
$ cp prometheus-configmap.yml.sample prometheus-configmap.yml
$ cp StatefulSet.yaml.sample StatefulSet.yaml
  1. Your GKE cluster is created.
  2. LND is runnning with desired settings.
  3. put tls.cert and readonly.macaroon at root directory.
  4. Edit the lndmon/.env LND_HOST variable to match your lnd node's IP and port.
  5. Ensure the other lnd variables are also up-to-date in lndmon/.env.
  6. Edit prometheus-configmap.yml lnd targets section to match your IP.
  7. Edit StatefulSet.yaml porjectID to match your project.

Docker image

Create image.

$ gcloud auth configure-docker
$ docker build -t<projectID>/lndmon:latest .


$ docker push<projectID>/lndmon:latest


Set secrets for cluster.

$ kubectl create secret generic lndmon-secret --from-env-file=.env
$ kubectl create -f prometheus-configmap.yml

Apply yamls.

$ kubectl apply -f StatefulSet.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f Service.yaml

Startup settings.

$ kubectl cp grafana/provisioning lndmon-0:/etc/grafana/ -c grafana
$ kubectl delete pod lndmon-0
$ kubectl exec -it lndmon-0 bash -c lndmon
bash-5.0# cd /bin/
bash-5.0# ./

Then go to, <your id adress>:3000.

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