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USBH_MIDI - USB MIDI class driver for Arduino USB Host Shield 2.0 Library

If your device is work, please tell me your device information.

Device List

Vendor Product USB Vendor ID USB Product ID USB Class Remarks
KORG nanoKEY 0x0944 0x010d AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
KORG nanoPAD 0x0944 0x010e AUDIO/MIDI Streaming Trigger Pad not work
KORG nanoKONTROL 0x0944 0x010f AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
KORG MPK Mini (MK1) 0x0944 0x010f AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
Roland UM-ONE 0x0582 0x012a Vendor Specific In/Out work.
Yamaha Portable Grand 0x0499 0x1039 Vendor Specific
M-Audio Keystation 61es 0x0A4D 0x0091 AUDIO/MIDI Streaming Pitch Bend/Modulation wheels work too.
AKAI MPK mimi 0x09E8 0x007C AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
Novation LaunchPad Mini 0x1235 0x0036 AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
Novation LaunchPad S 0x1235 0x0036 In/Out work.
Keith McMillen QuNeo 0x1F38 0x001E AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
SwitchScience/Aides Technology eVY1 Shield 0x2938 0x0102 AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
Samson Graphite M25 0x17A0 0x3548 AUDIO/MIDI Streaming
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