A full example of my blog post regarding Sparks stateful streaming (http://asyncified.io/2016/07/31/exploring-stateful-streaming-with-apache-spark/).
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This repository is a complementary to the my blog post regarding stateful streaming in Spark. It contains a working example which uses the same data structures discussed in the post.

This example assumes you already have Spark set up locally or remotely.

Steps to make this code run:

  1. Clone the code
  2. Set a checkpoint directory inside the application.conf file under the "checkpoint-directory" key:
spark {
  spark-master-url = "local[*]"
  checkpoint-directory = "" 
  timeout-in-minutes = 5
  1. This application uses a socket stream to consume data (this was the simplest way to make this work). In order for that to work, you need to pass two arguments to the program: host and port

For anyone using IntelliJ, you can configure the "Program Arguments" in the configuration:


Otherwise you can pass it as arguments to spark-submit or pass them locally via your favorite IDE.

  1. Start up netcat on the same port you pass the program.
  2. Take the data from resources/sample-data.txt and send them via netcat.
  3. Set breakpoints as you desire and watch the app run!