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Arduino sketch to send values over the air (433Mhz)
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Arduino sketch to send values over the air (433Mhz)


This code will simply send a value over the air using a specific protocol as descibed below:

  • codeKit: the unique identifier of your station, 4 digits (by default 1000d)
  • BytesType: is an identifier of the type of the value that you are sending, 2 digits (by default 10d)
  • 1 bit to indicate if you are sending a positive or negative value
  • the value you want to send over the air

You can define the PIN on which is wired the data pin of the RF433 sender by changing #define senderPin 12

Protocol look likes:

CodeKit (ID) type Positive/Negative Value
1000 10 0 67129 (decimal representation)
00001111101000 1010 0 000000000000010000011000111001 (binary representation)

The whole message is then encoded using manchester method

To read message created by this program you can use (with the "generic protocol")


In addition to above, connect to PIN2 (aka interrupt 0) a hall sensor for example a OH44E.

The A3144E Hall sensor 44E OH44E principle of Hall effect switch IC, the use of magnetic semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing technology, which is determined by the voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger , temperature compensation circuit and open-collector output stage consisting of magnetic sensing circuit, the input of magnetic induction, the output is a digital voltage signal

Hall sensor in action

Now everytime that you will approach a magnet of the hall sensor, the sketch will send the number of times you moved the magnet in front of the sensor

Important note insert a pullup resitor 1K between data pin of the hall sensor and vcc +3.3v


Works with AMS TSL257-LF SENSOR, LIGHT-VOLTAGE CONVERTER Count led pulses and send the number of pulses every ~15 seconds

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