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A static website generator build with Ant Design and driven by gatsby.js. 🎨
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A static website generator build with Ant Design and driven by gatsby.js

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English | 简体中文


  • AntdSite is a static website generator based on React.js.
  • It's driven by Gatsby Js
  • It is built with Ant Design and its configuration style borrows from Vuepress.


  • It only needs a simple configuration and some markdown knowledge to get started quickly. Users who are familiar with Vuepress are more comfortable to use.
  • Supports rendering to common Ant Design components using markdown syntax, such as Alert
  • Support mdx, support custom layout (eg custom website header, bottom, home page, etc.)


For detailed docs, recommend to visit guide section on the website.


Install command line tool antdsite-cli

yarn global add antdsite-cli

# or if you use npm

npm i antdsite-cli -g


Initialize a default starter project via antdsite-cli

antdsite my-docs

Visit 8000 port and that's all.

Homepage Screenshot

Todo List

  • Support highlighting the specified line of code
  • A global component that can display the demo


WeChat Communication

There are more than 100 members in the group, add my WeChat, I will invite you to the communication group.



MIT By Yves Wang(Wangyi Yi)

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