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Online Z-notations Editor with Draft.js and React.js
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A tool to create, edit and print formal Z-notation documents.

Try out the Demo.

Table of Contents


  • Z-Editor supports following notations in the toolbar,
    • Schemas
    • Logics
    • Sets
    • Relations
    • Functions
    • Sequences
    • Bags
  • Download Z-Editor work as a PDF or a ZE file.
  • Import a ZE file to the editor and continue work.
  • Iconic schemas were created using draft.js blocks.
  • Rich Text Utilities.

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


  • git
  • npm


git clone
cd Z-Editor
npm install


npm run build


npm run start


  1. Loose the coupling between react-draft-wysiwyg and Z-Editor.
    • Current version of react-draft-wysiwyg doesn't support ref and few other problems were the reasons to add the edited version of react-draft-wysiwyg.


  • We would greatly appreciate any contribution you make.
  • If you have ideas for more functionality or recipes that should be on this project, let us know.



Z-Editor is under the MIT license. See the License for more information.

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