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iOS Settings that improve security and privacy
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iOS Settings that improve security and privacy

Most settings and recommendations here will attempt to improve the security of any iOS device, if privacy can also be improved without any risk to security i will also add settings that help improve privacy. I will try to keep a simple and accurate explanation as well as keeping most settings organized by importance.

I was surprised by how easy it is for people to steal, reset and sell a device so I began looking at all the ways this is possible. The main way i found devices to be reset and sold was by using 2FA codes to log into accounts or to reset passwords, this is easy if the device has the notification content displayed when locked as all text messages are visible from the lock screen. Thats an obvious fix by just turning off Notification Contents when locked.

Then you gotta worry about someone taking the SIM out and using it with another device to then gain access to 2FA codes that way. I found that having a SIM pin prevents that as if the device is restarted or the sim is removed you have to first unlock the device and then enter a separate password to unlock the SIM for cellular use again so that solves that problem.

Well what if you leave the device unlocked and someone takes it off a table or whatever, well for that maybe be more responsible with locking the device and also turn on 30 second time out. Thats not the best solution so i then figured having an app password/FaceID for important apps like messengers, password managers, note apps, banking or whatever limits the amount they can do with a unlocked device. This is a last line of defense obviously.

If they made it in the device then the next step is getting iCloud/Find my iPhone off, if the password is bad or stored openly on the device then this is easy so having a good password with 2FA is very important, also storing that password securely is just as important.

Say they do reset the device somehow well if find my iPhone is on then you massively limit the device and this also allows the device to be tracked.

I also found people have used different tricks to bypass the lock screen with control center/siri glitches in ios that give access to parts of contacts and pictures or whatever. The best fix i have for this is to disable all lock screen utilitys and siri. You can still take pictures and use the flash light but no messing with Bluetooth, network, brightness, sound ext when locked. Yes this can be annoying but not as annoying as someone stealing then selling my phone lol.

The list of settings is in the file. I'm not familiar with github so this is new to me I'll try and make this more organized.

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