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gwyddion 2.28

Upgrade gwyddion to version 2.28.
Remove the unrecognized `--disable-debug`.
Add `--with-html-dir=#{doc}` to get the docs in the right place.
Add the xz build time dep to handle the tarball.
Tested on Lion with clang and llvm from XCode-4.3.2.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
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commit f8825cec7d8e067fd333ed5713acd6854ae07945 1 parent c4613b0
@2bits 2bits authored adamv committed
Showing with 6 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +6 −4 Library/Formula/gwyddion.rb
10 Library/Formula/gwyddion.rb
@@ -1,19 +1,21 @@
require 'formula'
class Gwyddion < Formula
- url ''
homepage ''
- md5 '24913aa2e44ed0791287e2b09fbe354f'
+ url ''
+ sha1 '9f93b236f39694a9d0c4e162a20ace963783ccea'
+ depends_on 'xz' => :build
depends_on 'gtk+'
depends_on 'libxml2'
depends_on 'fftw'
depends_on 'gtkglext'
def install
- system "./configure", "--disable-debug", "--disable-dependency-tracking",
+ system "./configure", "--disable-dependency-tracking",
- "--prefix=#{prefix}"
+ "--prefix=#{prefix}",
+ "--with-html-dir=#{doc}"
system "make install"
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