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Find file Copy path
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from z3 import *
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
from copy import deepcopy
pool = ThreadPool(8)
x = Int('x')
assert x.ctx == main_ctx()
def calculate(x, n, ctx):
""" Do a simple computation with a context"""
assert x.ctx == ctx
assert x.ctx != main_ctx()
# Parallel creation of z3 object
condition = And(x < 2, x > n, ctx)
# Parallel solving
solver = Solver(ctx=ctx)
for i in range(100):
# Create new context for the computation
# Note that we need to do this sequentially, as parallel access to the current context or its objects
# will result in a segfault
i_context = Context()
x_i = deepcopy(x).translate(i_context)
# Kick off parallel computation
pool.apply_async(calculate, [x_i, i, i_context])
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