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------------------ REDSPARC DEVELOPMENT KIT README ----------------------

---------------------- INSTALLATION ON UNIX -----------------------------

Compilation and installation on Unix should be pretty simple. Just run


and then run

	make install

The binaries should now be installed and you should be able to run zasm
and zlink from the terminal.

NOTE: If you wish to specify a custom path for the
libraries, pass LIB_PATH=/path/to/libs to make AND make install.
Likewise, if you wish to install the binaries in a custom path, pass
INSTALL_PATH=/path/to/install to make install.

--------------------- INSTALLATION ON WINDOWS ---------------------------

Compilation is slightly more complex on Windows. You must specify the
default library directory. This is done by passing LIB_PATH=c:\libpath
to make. So to compile run

	make LIB_PATH=c:\libpath

The binaries will now be in the source directory. Running "make install"
will not work. You will have to manually copy the files to whatever
directory you want them stored in, and you MUST copy the CONTENTS of the
libs folder to whatever you specified as your library path

--------------------------- DOCUMENTATION -------------------------------

Documentation for this software can be found at