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Tarnished Tale Websockets MUD Server

Tarnished Tale (TT) is a modernized MUD server (and bundled testing client) written in Python 3.6 and currently under development by Patch Savage (PS) Labs. By moving to the Websockets protocol and away from the traditional telnet interface of MUD servers, Tarnished Tale hopes to keep the genre alive for years to come.

To be honest, it's also a decent learning project and object lesson.

Important: Tarnsihed Tale is, as of the time of writing, "shelved" indefinitely. While it remains an interesting project to pick away at the edges of no serious effort is currently being made to develop TT at this time. The development and last stable branches are preserved and set aside for future attempts at completion.


Tarnished Tale has the following objectives:

  • Design and maintain a full-featured ruleset for RPGs;
  • Package that ruleset as a rules module for evennia;
  • Allow for the expansion of the core functions of the ruleset with the addition of add-on "modules";
  • Provide the framework for a future game to be released using TT as its engine.

What Tarnished Tale is Not

For one, Finished. Tarnished Tale is under active development. What you see in this repo isn't even a demo or an alpha implementation. We are introducing bugs into empty text files until a game engine is created.

More seriously:

  • A re-implemntation of classic engines like SMAUG (at least not on purpose);
  • An implementation of any common Pen and Paper RPG system in python;
  • An actual mud engine or server;
  • A 'statistical core' for a later graphic RPG, or;
  • Intended to be packaged for sale.

The Future of Tarnished Tale

Tarnished Tale started as a joke on the NationStates discord about creating a roguelike/MUD "penetration testing" game in which the players would be tasked with storming various securized installations. Increasing levels of abstraction resulted in the desire to build a generalized engine first and implement any games on top of that second. The final version of Tarnished Tale will be packaged under some form or another of a Freeware Open Source license and available for use by anyone who would like to try their hand at building and running a MUD.

Current Features

None. While much of the "old" Tarnished Tale project remains in the "relic code" directory, at this time no code of any kind is written for the current implementation.

Roadmap for the Future

A limited roadmap for the future of Tarnished Tale exists, with the following progression yet to be achieved, more or less in the order listed:

  • Establish the rulesets for CORE, RACES, and MAGIC;
  • Develop a simplified process by which a developer-operator could configure, remove, or add specific skills and classes;
  • Develop an installer script or clear operation path for the same.

The completion of these immediate objectives and any fixes or additions to appear necessary during their development would constitute completion of the core game, whereupon the various modules could begin development. Current modules under consideration are:

  • Races defintion/tracking module;
  • Magic Module

Want to Help?

Tarnished Tale is a huge project and we're known to get wedged. There's a few different ways you could help with development! Check out our contributing guide in /docs/.


A project to create a modernized, ssl-websocket based, security-conscious MUD engine in python.




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