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Charg (CHG) -

Blockchain-based decentralized electric vehicle charging technology


  1. AITrainer AITrainer Public

    A machine learning trainer based on natural language

    Python 1

  2. Proof-of-Non-Tamper Proof-of-Non-Tamper Public


  3. P2P-ISP P2P-ISP Public

    A P2P ISP has many moving parts. These libraries attempt to help demystify.


  4. baseZ baseZ Public

    A collection of useful BaseZ tools developed by your friends over at Base2 is called binary, Base10 is what humans know best, and base64 is traditionally the highest computers go. But zch…

  5. Electric-Vehicle-Charging-Station-The-World-s-First-Blockchain-Computer Electric-Vehicle-Charging-Station-The-World-s-First-Blockchain-Computer Public

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Raspberry Pi 4 +

  6. base4096 base4096 Public

    Base4096 encoding and decoding functions

    Python 1


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