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maker is a general purpose text file templating engine. Use it to create text files programmatically.


npm install maker

maker scans a directory for a collection of templates, and allows you to select and fill out those templates as needed.

Here's an example template, lets say we save it as 'myTemplate.tpl'

// ~~comment~~
function ~~functionName~~( ~~arguments~~ ) {
} // end ~~functionName~~()

The template is a copy of the code you're trying to output with the variables and custom names replaced with template strings. The default separation string is ~~, but it can be changed to anything by using the optional argument to the maker constructor.

Here's a basic usage example

var maker = require("maker").createMaker();

// Load all template files (.tpl) within some directory
maker.loadTemplateDir( "./templates", function( templates ) {

    // Grab a copy of the templates we want to use
    var myTemplate = maker.getTemplate( "myTemplate" ),
        myOtherTemplate = maker.getTemplate( "myOtherTemplate" );

    // Fill out our templates with contents
    myTemplate.comment = "comment stuff";
    myTemplate.functionName = "SomeFunction";
    myTemplate.arguments = "";
    myTemplate.contents = "console.log('test');";

    myOtherTemplate.someThing = "someOtherThing";

    // Create an array of templates in the order that 
    // we want them to appear in the file
    fileTemplates = [];
    fileTemplates.push( myTemplate );
    fileTemplates.push( templates["myOtherTemplate"] );

    // Write the file
    maker.makeFile( "./testOutput.js", fileTemplates );

Ignoring the unspecified template 'myOtherTemplate', This script would render myTemplate.tpl as the following

// comment stuff
function SomeFunction() {
} // end SomeFunction()
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