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ZECmate Swing Wallet - Your best mate for Zcash

A full node wallet for Zcash offering friendly UI to all users across all platforms - Windows, Linux and macOS. Speak and Transact freely with the best privacy technology that exists!


Version 1.1.0.


  • More customization options
  • Few more skins added
  • Copy and paste are now properly working
  • All strings are now properly in translation file - Thank you for translating them to your language!
  • A reindex window will now appear if a corrupted blockchain is found
  • Option to skip creating messaging identity added
  • 2.0.2 Zcash binaries

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes obtaining private key of Sapling addresses
  • Fixes showing UI menu when rates are unreachable

Security information

Calculated SHA256 hashes:




GPG Fingerprint

4F7F EBBF 1BDD D239 7DAB E2CF 4B69 CA27 A986 265D


Zel Technologies GmbH (TD7JHAFH65)

All releases are signed by Zel Technologies GmbH. Always verify certificate/signature and calculated hashes prior running any application.

Additional information

Windows and macOS release are plug&play - they contain latest 2.0.2 binaries, automatically downloads all Zcash parameters and creates configuration file. Linux release requires Zcash to be installed, parameters and configuration file needs to be present. Check out Zcash official guide on how to install Zcash at https://z.cash/download/

Project is backed by Zel Technologies GmbH

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