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Zeppelin Multitenancy

Makes using Zeppelin w/ ZeppelinHub easy in multi-user environemnt


In organization it is not feaseble to make all users install and configure Zeppelin.

This application allows you to have a single URL where all users go to get their own, containerized version of Zeppelin, utilasing resources of the shared cluster.


Multitenancy architecture

This is Beta, for now only Spark Standalone is supported


Build a React frontend webapp, see web/ui/ for details

Build a Golang backend webserver, see server/

tl;dr ./

Setup it on your cluster

All configureation for now is kept in the ./server/ See the ./server/ as an example of cluster configuration.


  • cluster of Docker machines, with HTTP API enabled (see example of docker deamon script, updated for HTTP in ./_config/dcoker)
  • each machine have USERS_FOLDER_PATH mounted to the same location (shared Notebook storage, each user will have it's own dir)
  • each machine have ./_config/ running (free port discovery)
  • ./ configured w/ user accounts, pointing to Docker and a SparkMaster URL


Essentially, Z-Manager multitenancy is very simple load-balancer and reverse-proxy with authentification for:

  • HTTP trafic to zeppelin instances (one per user), run inside Docker containers on one or many machines
  • Websocket traffic to same zeppelin instances
  • HTTP traffic to SparkMaster, to get cluster status\available resources