Allow setting of custom user hydrator and user mapper from config file. #189

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Using PR #174 as a base, a change to make overriding the user hydrator and user mapper easier. I have extended the work by ClemensSahs to use config data to determine the hydrator and mapper classes.

Note that this PR deals only with the custom user hydrator and user mapper parts of PR #174 and NOT the custom database field names.


Pls add the options in the Readme, too.


@ClemensSahs Thanks for the review - just updated the as requested.

@ClemensSahs ClemensSahs added a commit to ClemensSahs/ZfcUser that referenced this pull request Nov 29, 2012
@ClemensSahs ClemensSahs Revert "why we have a factory for the "user hydrator" but doesn't use…
… them?"

the abbility to set a custom hydrator and mapper will be done in #189
so the "8e6329e" will a conflict.

This reverts commit 8e6329e.

+1 for this


I'm not sure of the benefit of this PR as it's easy enough to create a new zfcuser_user_mapper ServiceManager entry in the module that has your new mapper in it if you need to override.

Having said that, I'm open to arguments.


@akrabat Agreed - you can override the ServiceManager entry - and that's exactly what I was doing prior to suggesting this PR.

Specifying the User Mapper Class in config was inspired by the option (which already exists in ZfcUser) to specify the Entity Class in config. There is quite a lot of setup code in the zfcuser_user_mapper ServiceManager entry, which would have to be copied into the overriding ServiceManager entry just to change the User Mapper Class. It seemed somewhat cleaner to be able to set a config variable, as opposed to duplicating the surrounding ServiceManager code (which may well change in later versions of ZfcUser).

I suppose one question worth contemplating is "why should I be able to specify the User Entity class in config but not the User Mapper class?", which would be the status quo if this PR is not accepted.

Should the User Entity Class actually be a separate ServiceManager entry? zfcuser_user_entity? Instead of a config variable?

Currently I think I fall on the side of either this should all be done in config, as proposed, or the zfcuser_user_mapper ServiceManager entry needs breaking down into smaller entries so that less code needs to be overridden just to set a custom mapper.

I really am open to discussion, and interested in opinion, on this one as I can see the argument from both points of view.


Fair points. I can see your argument. As I'm tending towards SM overrides in my own code, I had forgotten that ZfcUser allows configuration of things that I would do via SM :)

If you could update this PR so that it can be merged, then I'm happy to merge it.


This PR has now been rebased from the latest master, and should be mergeable.

However, I have made a small additional change I'd appreciate feedback on first - this is contained in the second commit. Along the lines of allowing easier SM overriding, I have extracted the zfcuser_user_entity into its own SM entry, similar to the zfcuser_user_hydrator. This will allow implementers to override the user entity configuration without having to override the entire zfcuser_user_mapper SM entry.

Arguably, this could remove the need for the user entity config setting (at least for now, until the config of that object becomes more involved). Arguably, it doesn't remove the need for the user mapper config setting (as there is still a lot of code in that zfcuser_user_mapper SM entry that would probably need to be duplicated).

For consistency and flexibility, however, I would vote for sticking with the config options and separated SM entries. We now have the option of overriding using either the SM entry (for altering the way the objects are configured) or the config setting (to change the object classes themselves).

If you're happy with this how it is, @akrabat, then merge away. If you'd prefer me to revert the latter change, let me know. If you want a bit more discussion, I'll place my brain on stand-by ;-)

ZF-Commons member

I have nothing against this PR -- but I will say the original rationale behind having the entity class configurable and not the mapper class was simply because the entity was not pulled from the service manager, thus you couldn't easily just override a service entry to replace it.

That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with this PR in general -- it's merely a convenience factor to avoid duplicating the factory code. Alternatively we could have the mapper factory be its own class with the mapper class name as a property. Overridding would then involve extending the factory, re-defining the property, and then replacing the factory class name... Any sane person will vote for a config parameter, of course. I just wanted to show that there's another way to architect it to avoid duplicate factory code but still allow overriding without a configuration value. :)

Anyway, 👍 from me.


Thanks for the vote of support @EvanDotPro! And for taking the time to explain both the original rationale and an alternative option for overriding without duplicating factory code. I'd completely forgotten that you can use a Service Factory Class instead of a closure in the SM config. I'll probably end up using that little trick in my own code, actually! When the setup gets really involved, I can see how that would become even more useful.

Anyway, as everyone seems happy to include the convenience of the config parameter, I've gone ahead and rebased against the latest master so this should now merge cleanly.

Cheers all!


Rebased on top of latest master again.

@EvanDotPro Merge me, merge me, merge me ;-)


Rebased - not sure if it's bad form to keep bumping this to the top (apologies if so!). But I think it was ratified and I've just rebased it again so I don't want it getting lost down at the bottom of the issues list :)

mtudor added some commits Feb 4, 2013
@mtudor mtudor Allow setting of custom user hydrator and user mapper from config file.
Allow setting of custom user hydrator and user mapper from config file.

Updated to include the 'user_mapper_class' and 'user_hydrator_class' config options.
@mtudor mtudor Extracted the creation of the User Entity into a separate ServiceMana…
…ger entry, for easier overriding.
ZF-Commons member

@EvanDotPro @akrabat input? Mergable?

Closing per but I give @akrabat and @EvanDotPro the 👍 to merge. I'm not very familiar with the Zend\Db portion or I would merge this myself.

@spiffyjr spiffyjr closed this Jun 21, 2013

If you guys want to merge this, and it would help if I rebase it for you, just give me the nod.

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