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Doctrine2 MongoDB ODM storage adapter for ZfcUser.

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ZfcUserDoctrineMongoODM is a MongoDb storage adapter for ZfcUser. This module makes use of the Doctrine2 MongoDB ODM.



  1. Install module
    Go to the release tab and make a note of the most recent version. Run the following command from your application directory: php composer.phar require zf-commons/zfc-user-doctrine-mongo-odm When asked for er version constraint, put in the version noted from the release tab.

  2. Add DoctrineModule, DoctrineMongoODMModule and ZfcUserDoctrineMongoODM to config/application.config.php


The following options are available:

  • enable_default_entities - Boolean value, determines if the default User entity should be enabled. Set it to false in order to extend ZfcUser\Entity\User with your own entity. Default is true.


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