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This package is part of Z project, provides YAML reading & writing tools.


  • A working haskell compiler system, GHC(>=8.6), cabal-install(>=2.4), hsc2hs.

  • Tests need hspec-discover.

Example usage

{-# LANGUAGE DeriveGeneric, DeriveAnyClass, DerivingStrategies, TypeApplication #-}

import           GHC.Generics
import qualified Z.Data.YAML as YAML
import           Z.Data.YAML (JSON)
import qualified Z.Data.Text as T

data Person = Person
    { name  :: T.Text
    , age   :: Int
    , magic :: Bool
  deriving (Show, Generic)
  deriving anyclass JSON

> YAML.decode @[Person] "- name: Erik Weisz\n  age: 52\n  magic: True\n"
> Right [Person {name = "Erik Weisz", age = 52, magic = True}]