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Image composing and drawing algorithms.
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Drawing and image composing library.


  • Uses SSE2 or MMX where its possible for high performance.
  • No external libraries needed.
  • Works without a garbage collection.


Add this library to your project's dependency via dub or your chosen IDE.

Currently most functions are very low-level, so experience with pointers is recommended. Per-line approach for composing is recommended if the images have size mismatch.

To do list

  • Fix non-x86 and x86-64 targets.
  • Add optimization for ARM Neon.
  • Make a GPGPU based variant called GPUblit with either D-Compute, CUDA, and/or OpenCL.
  • Add functions for RLE compression and decompression.
  • Add higher-level functions and types (might introduce external dependencies).
  • More testing.
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