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Project: Digital Code Lock

Check out the full tutorial blog for this project on our blog link:

Step 1: Installation

For this project, we will build a simple digital code lock that users can enter and key in. In this tutorial, we will show users how a digital code lock system works in an Arduino Interface.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to : - Set up a digital code lock with Zio and basic 12 keys keypad - Be able to interface with Arduino IDE to program Zio with keypad - Create a program that asks users to enter a six-digit password to unlock - Be able to create a new six-digit password

Step 2: Assemble the circuit

Assemble the circuit following the diagram schematics.jpg attached to the sketch

Step 3: Load the code

Upload the code contained in this sketch on to your board

Folder structure

 Digital_Code_Locker                => Arduino sketch folder
  ├── digital_code_locker.ino       => main Arduino file
  ├── schematics.jpg                => an image of the required schematics
  ├── unotokeypadlayout.jpg         => an image of the keypad to Uno connection layout
  └── ReadMe.adoc                   => this file


This project is released under a Public Domain License.


This document is written in the AsciiDoc format, a markup language to describe documents. If you need help you can search the AsciiDoc homepage or consult the AsciiDoc cheatsheet

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