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product:AC9 AC7 AC10 AC15 AC18 and so on

version:V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN(AC9), V15.03.06.44_CN(AC7), V15.03.06.23_CN(AC10), V15.03.05.19_CN(AC15), V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN(AC18) and earlier

type:buffer overflow

author:Ming Yuan

institution:NISL@Tsinghua University

Vulnerability description

I found a buffer overflow vulnerability in the router's web server--httpd. While processing the deviceMac parameters for a post request, the value is directly sprintf to a local variable placed on the stack, which overrides the return address of the function, causing buffer overflow. The details are shown below: image



This PoC can result in a Dos.

p.s.Given the vendor's security, we only provide parts of the URL.