A simplified API to the Bloomberg SDK with a REST interface
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This module provides a simplified API to Bloomberg's node-blp using clues.js backed by promises. The module.exports exposes a function that solves for results of a particular command with supplied inputs. The only command so far is refdata and the inputs should be ticker and field (or inputs as a JSON object in native form). Results are narrowed down, depending on the input parameters. If only one ticker and one field is supplied, the result will be the particular result value. If multiple fields are chosen the results will be an associative array with the field names as keys.

To install the package run:

$ npm install blp-rest

A simple REST example is included (requires express).
To start the server on port 3000 execute from the package directory:

node example.js

For the last price of Apple as a simple number:

http://localhost:3000/blp/refdata?ticker=AAPL EQUITY&field=PX_LAST

For an associative array, showing both last price and volume:

http://localhost:3000/blp/refdata?ticker=AAPL EQUITY&field=PX_LAST,VOLUME

And finally, inputs can also be defined in the SDK native form:

http://localhost:3000/blp/refdata?inputs={"securities":["AAPL EQUITY"],"fields":["PX_LAST","VOLUME"]}

Creative Commons License
blp-rest is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Commercial options available.