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Jul 8, 2020
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Corridor-based Model Predictive Contouring Control for Aggressive Drone Flight

0. Overview

CMPCC is an efficient, receding horizon, local adaptive low level planner as the middle layer between our original planner and controller trr.

Author: Jialin Ji, Xin Zhou and Fei Gao from the ZJU Fast Lab.

Related Paper: CMPCC: Corridor-based Model PredictiveContouring Control for Aggressive Drone Flight, Jialin Ji, Xin Zhou, Chao Xu, Fei Gao, accepted, International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER 2020).

Video Links: youtube or bilibili


  • online flight speed optimization
  • strict safety and feasibility
  • real-time performance

File Structure

  • src/cmpcc: key module of CMPCC, which is a single ros package
  • src/simualtion: a lightweight simulator for quadrotors
  • src/utils: some functional codes and plugins
  • osqp: a copy of OSQP source code for solving qp problem.
  • a user-interface tool based on pygame for setting disturbance

1. Prerequisites

Our software is developed and tested in Ubuntu 18.04, ROS Melodic. Other version may require minor modification.

You can clone this repository:

git clone

To install the following dependencies, you can run the auto-install script by

chmod +x

If failed, you can manually install them one by one:

  • install dependencies
sudo apt-get install libyaml-cpp-dev
sudo apt-get install libarmadillo-dev
  • install pygame for
sudo apt-get install python-pip
pip install pygame
  • install osqp
cd osqp
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..
cmake --build .
sudo cmake --build . --target install

2. Build on ROS

After the prerequisites are satisfied, you can catkin_make in this repository directory, which is already a ros-workspace:


3. Run the Simulation

source devel/setup.bash

You can set wind disturbance with keyboard "WASD". The default disturbance is quite fierce. If the drone flew outside the corridor, you would have to relauch the nodes.

4. Licence

The source code is released under GPLv3 license.

5. Maintaince

For any technical issues, please contact Jialin JI ( or Fei GAO (

For commercial inquiries, please contact Fei GAO (


CMPCC: Corridor-based Model PredictiveContouring Control for Aggressive Drone Flight



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