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Warden is a simple-to-use moderation and utility bot with features such as auto-moderation, text-to-speech, and more.

Using Warden

Warden utilizes slash commands, buttons, and menus. After deploying the commands, type / into your chat to list Warden's commands.

Public Instance

Warden is available for public use here. Keep in mind that this instance of Warden will only run the latest stable version.

Hosting Warden

Hosting Warden is fairly simple. Make a copy of settings.example.json, edit the fields as necessary and rename it to settings.json. An explanation on each property is available here.

You are required to host your own instance of Lavalink and specify the connection details in settings.json.


  • Node.js v16.9.0 (or higher)
  • npm (should come bundled with Node.js)
  • Lavalink (latest release)
  • Bot token from Discord

Starting Warden for the first time

Run npm ci to install packages required to run Warden.

Run npm run build to compile the source code. Alternatively, you can run npm run build-start to compile the source code and start Warden in one command.

You can deploy slash commands after the build by running npm run slash-deploy.

For subsequent startups, you can simply run npm start, which skips the compilation step.


Can you add x feature to Warden?

Yes, if it is meaningful. Submit an issue here and I'll be happy to take a look.

I changed the language through the /settings command. Why isn't it updating in slash commands?

Slash commands are defined when running npm run slash-deploy.

This means that slash command descriptions will follow the language set in settings.json (defaultLocaleCode key).

I changed defaultLocaleCode, but it isn't updating in slash command descriptions. Why?

You need to re-deploy the commands using npm run slash-deploy for the new locale to take effect.

Due to Discord's limitations and the localizations we have, we don't currently use Discord's localized command name & description functionality. This may be worked on in the future.


Take a look at our Crowdin project.


Refer to