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How to Run (Z. Miller - July 2016)

Reading Analysis Tree

If you are only going to read the analysis tree, an example analysis program can be found in StMyAnaTreeMaker. This is invoked by macro/readAnaTree.C. In general, the user will want to make many edits to the StMyAnaTreeMaker in order to make the histograms of interest. However, there are many options that can be set in readAnaTree.C. The most important of which is to tell the AnaTreeReader what triggers you which to analyze... and what they are being called. So if trigger 460201 is a BHT0 trigger, the user will call: anaTreeMaker->addTrigger(460201,0). This syntax is further explained in the comments of readAnaTree.C. A script as been provided to submit the tree reading jobs to condor (the computing cluster) and is called script/readAnaTreeSubmit.xml . This saves the relevant files and then runs macro/readAnaTree.C, assuming that you point it to the correct file lists and outputs a file of the histograms defined in StMyAnaTreeMaker.

Also useful is StMyAnaTreeMaker/histMaker.C (.h), this de-couple histogram plotting and manipulation from the tree reading, which allows quick plotting changes without needing to re-read the tree. histMaker.C reads in the output of readAnaTree.C and grabs histograms, then puts together canvases and plots the histograms on the canvases. The output of this is set to be a single PDF file of all the canvases. This program should be fairly easy to follow based on function names... but the main things are:

  1. Load the output anaTree File
  2. Get the Histograms (getHistograms() Function)
  3. Manipulate the histograms (doProjections() function)
  4. Prepare the various canvases for plots (prepareCanvas() function)
  5. Put the plots on the canvas (various drawXYZ() functions)
  6. make the PDF (makePDF() function)

Many other functions are provided to clean up the manipulation of the histograms. histMaker.h contains many pre-defined const values, such as the pT binning and the color palette selectors. Usage of histMaker.C is:

root -l -b -q 'histMaker.C("path/to/anaTree/Output.root")'

and will create a file called "path/to/anaTree/Output.root.pdf".

Making Analysis Tree

The main portion if this lies in StPicoAnaTreeMaker/. The various classes control what is saved for each branch (StEventHeader, StElectronTrack, etc...), which is (usually) all done in the class constructor. The class constructor uses the picoDst to get the information and store it in the variable names, after properly converting it (if applicable) to a smaller data size. This also makes it necessary to use the class functions to get the data for analysis, as it re-converts it to the proper values (e.g. store 1.007 as 1007 to only use a short int, so when accessing you need to have it converted back to 1.007).

To run this, there is a pre-made macro: macros/makeAnaTree.C. Various options are set here using each classes "setting functions." The current work flow is to read muDST, make the picoDST, then use the picoDST to make the anaTree... then only save the anaTree. Future updates will allow use to read picoDst directly if they become the collaboration standard. The key things to check are that you are setting the Vz cuts correctly and have input the triggers you wish to store (using the addTrigger functions). You must also make sure the correct list of runs is fed to the analyzer so it knows which runs it should process. The current runlist is called "runNumberList_run15pp_transverse", and is saved in the directory above StRoot. After you have this done, you can submit using script/pp200.xml. If using the Purity Maker (option in the makeAnaTree.C), you also need to make sure there is runList in StPicoElecPurityMaker/ that contains the runs you want analyze.

pico anaTree (B.Huang - March 2016)

main script and macro for submitting jobs starting from MuDst: script/AuAu200.xml and macros/makeAnaTree.C Some options: prodMod: 0 for mb, 1 for ht, 2 for mtd (it's different in picoDstMaker, there is no "2" definedor different definition in picoDstMaker). It requires a run list as input. For Au+Au, a recenter file is required to correct event plane. To save the recenter correction histograms: use macros/makeRecenter.C All setters can be found in StPicoAnaTreeMaker.h

submit jobs: script/

hadd histograms and trees for each run: script/ and script/