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##Random Walk

Generates walkers that traverses the screen indefinitely, partaking in what is commonly known as "The Drunkard's Walk." Each walker has an equal probability of going North, South, East, or West for each step. Edges are set to be wrap around.

Table structure first found here and borrowed due to cleverness, checkout his "Game of Life":

Other than the table stucture, the rest of the code is mine and was an attempt to:

  1. Learn how to pass lots of objects into various other objects

  2. Learn how to animate in Javascript

  3. Make Pretty colors move

  4. Add the abiliy for a user to add or remove objects and control aspects of the object.

Menu on the top left allows the ability to create different colored walkers, remove the oldest walkers, change the walking speed, enter map mode (defaults to green and blue walkers and a clean slate) and clear the screen.


alt text alt text