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About The Project


ThingThingThing explores open source software development’s potential as a framework for generative narrative made collectively.

ThingThingThing is a zero-player game. The artists and contributors jointly determine its evolution by setting an initial seed state of each Thing, which later requires no further human control. Viewers interact with ThingThingthing by navigating a giant eyeball and observing how the world evolves. ThingThingthing is an unending, three-dimensional system of instantiations, each of which is populated by an individual contributor. ThingThingthing’s aggregation algorithm copies individual avatars into an upstream account, enabling them to interact with each other.

The artists have been hosting a series of workshops, enabling anyone from students, designers to technologists to quickly build creatures with intelligence and interaction. One can also contribute remotely through ThingThingthing’s online development environment. ThingThingthing is not perfect. Anyone can make a Thing, with its unique glitches, awkwardness, and clumsiness. Once creators send off their code, they walk away from the keyboard and computer screen, let their Things take on a life of its own in the universe of ThingThingthing.

Prior ThingThingthing collaborations also include

  • Macy Art Gallery, Teachers College Columbia University;
  • Creative Tech Week(CTW) New York;
  • Asia Art Archive in America.

Past Events

  • Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15, 1:00-5:00pm | Asia Art Archive in America | 43 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Steps for participants:

Google Doc Link

Technical Document

Properties/Fields For You To Get

float TOD_Data.main.TimeNow; //e.x. 3:30PM will be represented as 15.5
bool TOD_Data.main.IsDay;
bool TOD_Data.main.IsNight;
bool inWater; //if is in water now
int NeighborCount; //how many neighbors do you have currently

Events You can Use to Fill Code Inside

protected override void OnSunset(){}//日落时
protected override void OnSunrise(){}//日出时
protected override void OnMeetingSomeone(GameObject other){}//碰到其他物时
protected override void OnLeavingSomeone(GameObject other){}//离开了其他物时
protected override void OnNeighborSpeaking(){}//有邻居说话时
protected override void OnNeigborSparkingParticles(){}//有邻居发出发光时
protected override void OnTouchWater(){}//进入水时
protected override void OnLeaveWater(){}//离开水时

Settings of your Thing you can change

//value is the default setting
settings.cameraOffset = 15; //追踪相机离我的距离
settings.acceleration = 4;//加速度
settings.drag = 1.8f;//速度阻力
settings.mass = 0.2f;//质量
settings.chatBubbleOffsetHeight = 2; //!important! chat bubble offset on Y axis, adjust to avoid chat bubble being blocked by your model 重要!!!!我的对话泡泡的高度!!注意测试调整
settings.getNewDestinationInterval = 5;
settings.newDestinationRange = 40;//随机寻找新目的的时候新目的的范围半径
settings.alwaysFacingTarget = true;

Ready to Use Methods

SetTarget(Vector3 target); //设定一个目的地
StopMoving(); //不再移动
StopMoving(float forHowManySeconds); //不再移动(并制定一个时间,这个时间后自动开始移动)
RestartWalking(); //重新开始移动
RandomSetDestination();//get a new random target  随机指定一个目的地
ResetPosition(); //change position to spawn point 重置位置

//shape and form
SetScale(Vector3 newScale); //设定尺寸,注意参考你现在的尺寸
ChangeColor(Color newColor); //change color, might not work well if you have more than one renderer or more than one material 更改颜色
ResetColor(); //reset to original color 重制颜色到默认值

Speak(string content, float stayLength); //
Speak(string content);
Mute(); //Speak no longer works //开始沉默,不再讲话
DeMute(); //regain ability to Speak again //不再沉默
Spark(Color particleColor, int numberOfParticles);
PlaySound(int soundEffectId); // Range: 1 ... 102 //播放一个音效,从1-102中选择
PlaySound(string soundFileName); //if you want to play your own sound. but pls make your sound short!!!//播放一个音效,如果你要用自己的声音文件
CreateCube(); //throw a cube on the small ground//制造一个小方块


How to keep your cloned repository up to date

Only do this once

git remote add upstream

Do this to update

git pull upstream master

Where to put my files

Where to put my prefabs:


Where to put my materials and scripts

CREATORS/[your name]/[put here]

Where to put my own sound files


How to use your own sound files

Find a sound file that is one of the formats below

  • .Aif.
  • .wav.
  • .mp3.
  • .ogg.

Compress it if necessary, make sure its file size is smaller than 2 MB, and move it into Resources/Sounds folder.

Use PlaySound(“filename”) to play your sound, no extension name needed.

Some Basic about C# Programming

If Else Statement AND For Loop


Everything Else About C#

Some useful methods from Unity

//Print things to Console for debugging
print(object message);

//Invokes the method methodName in time seconds.
Invoke(string methodName, float time);

//Invokes the method methodName in time seconds, then repeatedly every repeatRate seconds.
InvokeRepeating(string methodName, float time, float repeatRate);

//Cancels all Invoke calls on this MonoBehaviour.