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This XRMToolBox Plugin is a tool that helps in cleaning out unmanaged solutions from unwanted components. If you are following a good release managment practices and you use your solution in the way they are supposed to be used, then this tool may help you.

I have seen it many times where developers find it easy to add the whole contact entity or any other managed entity with its sub components even though 1 or 2 attributes are needed only. This is against the solution idea of adding only what you need to it. If you need to clean this manually, you need to look for the needed components of that managed entity and remove the rest. This manual process is time consuming and this tool is here to help.

For now, this tool shows you what attributes, forms and views that belong to the managed entities that need to stay in the solution, you can remove the rest.

The automatic process of removing unwanted components is coming in the next versions.


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