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Version 0.1.0


Chevette is a static blog engine written in Python. It presently only supports version 3.5 and up. There are currently no plans to add compatibility to previous versions although efforts from other contributors are most welcome.

Note: the project is currently an alpha release. There are still tests that need to be performed so certain functionality might not be fully stable.


Installation is fairly straightforward. Make sure you have either pip or pipenv installed on your system and run the following command:

pip install chevette
# or if you are using pipenv
pipenv install chevette

Basic Usage

Installing chevette will give you access to a command line utility to help you with your needs.

Create a blog

It's a simple as executing

chevette new <path/to/your/project/directory>

This will generate a basic boilerplate project for your site (Including template files).

Build the blog

To build your blog (ie: convert all your markdown posts to html):

  1. Navigate to the project directory (if you're not already there)
cd /path/to/your/project/directory
  1. Run the build command
chevette build

This will generate all the necessary html files (including pages and other assets) and place them in a directory called public within the project directory.

Launch a server

Chevette comes with a very simple http server to help you track the changes you make to your blog.

  1. In a new terminal session, navigate to the public folder inside of your project directory (see the previous section)
cd /path/to/your/project/directory/public
  1. Run the serve command
chevette serve

A server will be launched which will be accessible at localhost:9310


As I've mentioned in the beginning of this README, chevette is still in its infancy and is very much a work in progress. There are many features I would like to implement, including the following:

  • Code syntax highlighting in posts
  • A drafts / unpublished mechanism
  • Better logging, error messages
  • More robust tests
  • Add more options to the CLI commands
  • Various performance tweakings
  • A publish command as can be seen in projects like hyde or hugo
  • Tidying up the codebase
  • Compilation of css and javascript assets
  • many more as we think of them

Issues and contributing

If you come across this project and you either feel inclined to add your contribution or simply want to report a bug, the best way to so is through github issues.

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