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Multi-threaded TCP port scanner. Written in Python 3
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Molly is a simple to use (noisy) multithreaded port scanner. You can use it to find potential vulnerabilities within your network.


Make sure you have either pip or pipenv installed on your system and run:

pip install molly


pipenv install molly

Basic Usage

Molly comes with a simple subcommand conveniently called scan. It takes a target as an argument and two non-required options: mode and workers

molly scan <target> --mode<mode> --workers <workers>

Below are a few examples

Very Simple Scan

molly scan

Scan the top 20 ports for a given target

molly scan --mode common

Increase the number of worker threads to improve speed

molly scan --workers 200

Arguments and options

  • target: the target to perform the scan against (can be a hostname or a valid IPv4 address)
  • mode: the type of scan to perform. Choose between:
    • basic (default): Ports 1 to 1024.
    • full: all TCP ports.
    • common: top 20 ports (21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 111, 135, 139, 143, 443, 445, 993, 995, 1723, 3306, 3389, 5900, 8080 ).
    • custom (prompt): your desired port range (separated by a comma).
  • workers: the number of worker threads to run

Future features and Roadmap

While molly in its current state is not in alpha by any measure, I plan on adding more features to it as I go along and learn more about computer networking. The aim is for me to solidify my knowledge in the subject and to provide you with a solid application that you can use reliably.

The following is the list of features a plan on implementing:

  • Ping sweeps
  • IP Ranges
  • "Stealthy" port scanning




This project is completely free and open source, therefore I not only welcome but encourage contributions from other developers.

If you want to report a bug or ask for a new feature, I invite you to open a new issue. Even better, if you want to dig in the code and offer your solution, open a PR with your changes (just make sure all the tests pass).

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