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CLI utility to manage network connections
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WyPy is a command line utility to manage network connections.


Before you can start using WyPy, you need to make sure NetworkManager is installed on your system. If you don't have it, download it through your system's package manager.

Debian / Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install network-manager


sudo pacman -S network-manager

Instructions for other linux distros coming soon ...


pip install WyPy
pipenv install WyPy



Print hostname

wypy general hostname

Show general status info

wypy general status


Get current connectivity state

wypy network connectivity

Force connectivity check

wypy network connectivity --check

Enable networking

wypy network enable

Disable networking

wypy network disable


List active connections

wypy connection active

Delete connections

wypy connection delete

Deactivate connection

wypy connection down <connection>

List all connections

wypy connection list


List available access points

wypy wifi list

Switch wireless on

wypy wifi on

Switch wireless off

wypy wifi off

Show wifi status

wypy wifi status

Scan for access points

wypy wifi rescan


List all devices

wypy device list

Print details for a device

wypy device get <device_name>

Tell network manager to manage a device

wypy device manage <device_name>

Tell network manager to stop managing a device

wypy device manage <device_name> --off

Enable autoconnect on a device

wypy device autoconnect <device_name>

Disable autoconnect on a device

wypy device autoconnect <device_name> --disable

Print overall device status

wypy device status

Delete a device

wypy device delete <device_name>

Disconnect a device

wypy device disconnect <device_name>

Reapply connection settings for a device

wypy device update <device_name>

List of features / commands coming in the next versions

  • wypy connection up
  • wypy connection get
  • wypy connection modify
  • wypy connection edit
  • wypy connection clone
  • wypy connection load
  • wypy connection export
  • wypy connection import
  • wypy connection monitor
  • wypy connection add
  • wypy wwan enable
  • wypy wwan disable
  • wypy wifi hotspot
  • wypy device monitor
  • wypy device modify
  • wypy device connect
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