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1) Install with make
2) If you can't use "make", you can compile all the .erl files manually. You'll also need to run some of them to create more
modules for fonts. You'll need to run eg_afm to prepare font modules and run eg_mk_hyphen to create the hyphenation
modules and dictionaries.
NOTE: 29 March 2010, at present I'm working on a Windows platform so I'm not using "make". The Makefile
has not been updated for any changes I've made. Carl Wright
The edoc data can be produced by running "erl" in the <em>base directory</em> and using the following command:
edoc:application('NGerlguten',".",[{def,{version,"2.6"}},{dir,"./doc/edoc"},{stylesheet_file, ".//doc/eg_stylesheet.css"}]).
Change the version number string to the correct value. The dir entry in the command
will put the documentation in /doc/edoc.