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break things then use git to rollback changes

start project over and then git init after learning from the mistakes of this version

let’s not worry about that until the POC is finished <2011-08-08 Mon>


user has many tasks

task has many times

time, check in and check out

nifty looks

nifty user

user login

create a task

/tasks view

current /tasks becomes “manage your tasks”

/tasks/list - is clockin clockout

/tasks/index - manage tasks


new_task_subtask_path(task) will link to /tasks/36/subtasks/new at first

nested resources needs more research on nested resources, things are very broken right now

create a new timer and prefill the task_id

revise clock model - clockin has one clockout, clockout belongs to clockin

timer is not functioning properly clock in out sucks

clock in, stays open

clock out only on a new clock in

destroy unneccessary views - all clock views besides _form

Revisions early august

dependent destroy

<2011-08-12 Fri>

finish routing

<2011-08-12 Fri>


<2011-08-12 Fri>

integrated view in tasks

<2011-08-12 Fri> in controller

<2011-08-13 Sat> allow for user to add timer from show, not edit

what is a helper

on new start, close last open

clean up models

update sorting in view

show current open timer in timer index

move start button out to index

home screen

clean up timer display time zone

added in time clocks too!<2011-08-16 Tue>

remove old models trash delete destroy!

link tasks to users

starting other people’s timers - plug this hole

user open tasks

<2011-08-16 Tue> on create start a timer

<2011-08-16 Tue> limited beta in the morning

<2011-08-16 Tue> determine mvp for people to start beta testing

just starting and stopping basic timers is not useful, need to slice and dice basic analytics

WE’LL DO IT LIVE!<2011-08-17 Wed>

<2011-08-16 Tue> push to git hub

not really needed until I get more people working on it… cross that bridge <2011-08-17 Wed>

<2011-08-17 Wed> heroku migration is busted

controller bug<2011-08-20 Sat>

<2011-08-20 Sat> Clarify intent

circle back on more feedback<2011-08-20 Sat>

<2011-08-20 Sat> clearer UX

first pass<2011-08-20 Sat>

provide feedback mechanism

blog post for now<2011-08-20 Sat>

emails to me realistic version 1

reddit style dream state

tweets at me?

<2011-08-20 Sat> fix clocks after the fact?

<2011-08-20 Sat> cute branding with a robot and a blog

<2011-08-20 Sat> this is a robot helping you track your time

<2011-08-20 Sat> google around for other people that did this, buffet style steal ideas

<2011-08-20 Sat> Elevate try it now

“try it out”

just try it out, create a temporary user that will be purged if yo

plug in an email address and create a user

use an email address

try it out weekly cleanout to purge old tried accounts

create a user with a random string password

with a generated dictionary name

<2011-08-20 Sat> Give day so far view up top

<2011-08-20 Sat> Last 24

<2011-08-20 Sat> Last week color bar

<2011-08-20 Sat> Front page accordion video demo

<2011-08-16 Tue> allow to create tasks without starting them - top form

<2011-08-16 Tue> Annotate tasks - accomplished x

<2011-08-16 Tue> add notes field

add notes field to views

show - each row

edit - each row

index - most recently checked out

<2011-08-17 Wed> clock controller is broken

<2011-08-16 Tue> graceful bomb on someone accessing something they shouldn’t

<2011-08-16 Tue> determine method of ranking all tasks on front window besides most recent up top


daily totals

weekly totals

unclocked time

graph time

allow a data dump

daily graph

weekly graph

compare to goals

show total time next to each timer

Link tasks - display them in chronological order with sliding effect

tag tasks to collect them

warn people on how long they’ve been doing something,

flash the browser window or do an alert?

warn people on too long,

clock to new, or “oh shit I forgot to clock out” mark that to unknown time

merge with goals idea?

mobile css

<2011-08-16 Tue> link and categorize tasks

<2011-08-16 Tue> edit user link up top

<2011-08-16 Tue> View to revise timers that looks like google cal stretching back and forth

<2011-08-16 Tue> Insert in middle of tasks

<2011-08-16 Tue> Make modifying tasks and timers easy in case someone screws it up

<2011-08-16 Tue> Integrate with g cal?

<2011-08-16 Tue> Push idea of singletasking to reduce thrashing

<2011-08-16 Tue> start with the idea of just recording high granularity time (work/pleasure/rest/misc)

<2011-08-16 Tue> then move to phase2

<2011-08-16 Tue> Pomodoro play chimes or low gongs and be seen next to the main clocks

<2011-08-16 Tue> Personally keep track of tasks as you work on them. Rapid project management.

<2011-08-16 Tue> model moderator views on top of users and groups

<2011-08-17 Wed> tag on task end

<2011-08-17 Wed> rename last clock if you got side tracked?


sell to small businesses to help people track time on projects

“you’re spending a lot of time, on x, try to improve process”

sales process?

“how much time do you spend on value add activities?”

how much time do you spend doing the things you value?

this will help to find out those numbers so you can be more aware

this is a tool for individuals or small businesses to track how much time they spend on things

it can help you make decisions on how to change your time allocations

it will generate meaningful reports and dashboards - LIVE

you will be able to see what you’ve been doing for the last week, compare weeks

you will be able to see what your people are clocking right now (creepy?)

“a project management tool for the individual”

compare to rescue time

rescue time tracks usage on a computer, requires less diligence

this tracks time on any task, requires diligence

aim is to minimize unknown time - show unknown time dash

phase 1 - minimize unknown time

phase 2 - set goals

bring to startup weekend looking for biz plan and cash and marketing

<2011-08-18 Thu> simpleology, intro video reads like some super motivational bullshit

push to redeem coupon for free month, but free month still needs a credit card which will be charged 57$ after

no way to easily exit without evil backbutton

video to confirm email

top bar has how far you are

sounds way too close to scientology, feels like I’m being recruited for some weird lifestyle change and cult

stepping thru from confirmation to login was unclear

this looks like a very deliberate means for establishing a process around actually completing tasks

doesn’t follow DMAIC, just tries to drop in a new process, I’m already dragging my heels on adoption.

much too much click thru already, i’m bored of this.

it also looks like I’m not going to have enough time this morning to try it out

I’ll have to come back to it later

robot on okc, rescue time

recommend a password sentence - reference xkcd comic

6 sigma your life

Define your day

Measure how much time you spend doing things

Improve your time usage to target your goals

Analyse the results - are you hitting targets

Control - keep an eye on things, DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR GOALS

<2011-08-20 Sat> Agile your life. Set one project goal help thru agile process of backlog and burndown.

<2011-08-20 Sat> Switch modes between assign task at start or start task mark at end.

<2011-08-20 Sat> Clock only tags on finish not start.

<2011-08-20 Sat> open id via warden