Fixes for MovieDatabase and WorldBank #31

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This adds the second sample from my TechMesh talk (together with wrapper for experimental "" type provider).

  • The Highcharts.d.ts file contains new "method" for some types, which needs to be translated to new <expr>(<expr>) and that is not currently supported. I added a workaround function named clone (it would be nice to support this somehow).

  • There is a change in Objects.fs that generates unit value when argument requires empty tuple (I hope this is the right way to do this):

    let construction = if refs = [] then Expr.Value( () ) else Expr.NewTuple(refs)
  • I included the "experimental" provider in a separate FSharp.Data.Experimental package, so that is referenced (and I had to update FSharp.Data reference too).

@ZachBray ZachBray merged commit e2d8801 into ZachBray:master Jan 4, 2013

Thanks Tomas!

  • I think the new(...) methods should now be supported. It should generate a CreateInstance(...) method as a static member.
  • The change in Objects.fs looks sensible to me (at least from a quick glance). If the tests pass then it should be ok.
  • Ah, I see - but I think I need something different here than create a new instance of a type. I'll post this as an issue.
  • Thanks for porting the tests to NUnit, makes it a lot easier for me (they all passed with the change)
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