A simple STEEM price ticker for OSX toolbar
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A simple STEEM price ticker for OSX toolbar

This is a STEEM price ticker for the OSX toolbar that I created with Python3.

Getting your mac ready: Before you run the price ticker, you must have the proper modules installed. For this project, only a couple of modules that do not come preinstalled with Python3 are required. Wait for the process to complete, and then you are ready to go and run the price ticker!

Modules needed for this program:

  • urllib (pre-installed)
  • rumps pip3 install rumps
  • steem-python pip3 install steem

The price ticker is very simple to use, just open terminal and navigate to the directory that ticker.py is located in. Then, type the following: python3 ticker.py. Give it a few seconds, and then you will be able see the price of STEEM right in your toolbar! It updates by itself using data from Poloniex, HitBTC and CoinDesk. You can select between viewing the price in BTC, USD, GBP and EUR, or entering your username into "Portfolio Setup" and viewing the value of your holdings in these four currencies by clicking on the toolbar application and making a selection.

Planned Features:

  • Implementation of a portfolio display, where the user can enter the amount of STEEM they own and view the value of their holdings along with the price of one individual coin. (DONE May 30, 2017!)
  • Implementation of STEEM/EUR, STEEM/GBP and STEEM/CNY currency pairs. (DONE June 1, 2017!)
  • Any other requests that I receive to improve the application!

This project is no longer updated. Code may not function as originally intended.