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Multiplayer mod for Half-Life: Alyx running on Windows.


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alyx-multiplayer logo, a health heart icon of interspersed red and yellow circles.

A multiplayer mod for Half-Life: Alyx running on Windows.

A lotta folks made this possible, notably:

  • DerkO, Lyfeless, and 2838 for writing the original LiveSplit ASL script.
  • 2838 and Kube for refactoring this ASL script into a standalone program.
  • Kube's partner for some slick debugging.
  • illicit and fieldy for debugging a pesky float delimiter issue.
  • All the LiveSplit repo contributors (most of this code comes from that repo's memory-watching tools).
  • The SuperSimpleTCP contributors and their excellent example code (which we also cribbed).
  • The TF2Maps, SourceRuns, and Speedrun Tool Development communities.

This repo's license is a copy of the LiveSplit license, since we stole a bunch of their code :)

Install instructions

Check the project website for an up-to-date installation guide.

Common compiling issues

  • Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed: Make sure you're compiling to x64!