Bidirectional 8x8 LED Matrix Daughterboard for ChipKIT Uno32
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Command Matrix Shield PCB
Debug Sketches

The Command Matrix Shield is an expansion board for the ChipKit Uno32 that features an 8x8 LED matrix. The Command Matrix is bidirectional - you can display stuff on it, and sense light hitting it, simultaneously! It's the world's tiniest and most adorable touchscreen!

Important: This shield and the sketches are designed for ChipKIT, specifically the Uno32. THE CODE WILL NOT COMPILE UNDER ARDUINO - JUST MPIDE TARGETING THE UNO32.

EAGLE files are stored in the folder "Command Matrix Shield PCB".

A straightforward debug program is in the folder "Command Matrix Shield Test". Expected behavior is to send coordinates over hardware serial at 9600 baud when a strong green or blue point light is shone at one of the pixels.

The software and hardware contain a large number of oversights, hacks, cut corners, and plain wrong decisions. Nevertheless, this is known working. Somehow.

Created by Zack Freedman of Voidstar Lab. @ZackFreedman yourstruly at zackfreedman com

For more information, visit

The Command Matrix Shield is open hardware licensed under Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution. More permissive licenses are available on request.