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Customers are at the core of Zaius. Customers are composed of fields that are typically grouped into one of two groups: attributes or identifiers.

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Display Name Field Name Description
Zaius ID zaius_id A unique, Zaius-generated identifier, that represents a customer
Last Seen Email email The last seen email associated with this customer.
Last Seen Cookie ID vuid Zaius' unique Cookie / Device ID, used on web and mobile to identify anonymous customers.

App Identifiers

Many apps / integrations (e.g. Shopify or Magento) create identifiers that map to an external system (e.g. Shopify ID) to allow for improved user resolution, troubleshooting, and transparency. Some examples:

Display Name Description
Last Seen Shopify ID (mystore) shopify_mystore_id
Last Seen Zendesk ID (mysupporteam) zendesk_mysupportteam_id

{% hint style="info" %} Every identifier is also stored as an array in the plural form (with a max of 25 for each identifier type).

For example, all the known emails for a customer are stored in the a field called Emails (emails) and Cookie ID are stored as vuids. {% endhint %}

Custom Identifiers

If you have an external database, data lake, or system (e.g. a point-of-sale system) that uses a unique identifier to track customers, Zaius supports the creation of Custom Identifiers to ensure that all known information about your customers is tracked and you're able to reconcile information within Zaius with the external data source.

{% hint style="info" %} Custom Identifiers are considered when merging customers together. Read more in the User Resolution section. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="warning" %} At this time, Custom Identifiers must be created by a member of the Zaius Customer Success team. Contact your CSM or Support via email or chat to learn more. {% endhint %}


Display Name Field Name Description
First Name first_name
Last Name last_name
Gender gender Stored as M, F
Time Zone timezone Timezone in IANA format (e.g. America/New_York)
Image URL image_url
Phone Number phone Phone number in E.164 format (e.g. +15552108050)
Primary Line street1
Secondary Line street2
City city
State state
ZIP / Postal Code zip
Country country Country in ISO-3166-1 format

Custom Fields

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