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Events describe Customer actions. Events are composed of a Type, Action and additional metadata via fields on the event.

The Event Type is a categorical name associated with the event.

The Event Action is the activity a user did within that event type.

For example, order and product are Event Types while purchase, return, add_to_cart, detail would be actions.

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{% hint style="info" %} At minimum, events require an event type and an identifier to associate the event with a customer. {% endhint %}

Standard vs. Custom

Zaius has two types of events: Standard & Custom.

Standard Events

Standard Events are events that have a pre-defined event type/action and expected by Zaius to be accompanied with certain fields.

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Custom Events

Custom Events are events that you create the event type/action for and choose what fields to use and/or create.


type action venue_name
venue visited TD Garden

To begin sending events to Zaius, refer to the specific documentation for your platform:

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