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The Products object is a "stateful" object, meaning it stores the current state of your product inventory.

Events & Orders refer to this object to get additional metadata about a product (e.g. price) by utilizing the product_id


Required Fields

Display Name Field Name Data Type Description
Product ID product_id String The unique identifier for the product. Referenced from Events.

Recommended Fields

Display Name Field Name Data Type Description
Parent Product ID parent_product_id Text A reference to another product in the table that groups the products together
Name name Text The name of the product displayed to your customers
Brand brand Text The brand of the product
SKU sku Text The unique SKU of the product
UPC upc Text The unique UPC of the product
Image URL image_url Text The URL path to the product's image
Price price Number The price of the product

Importing & Updating Products

The Products object contains the current state of your product inventory, it does not store historical information about the product. Common reasons to update the Products object:

  • Updating Inventory
  • Updated Product Images
  • Release of New Products

There are a number of methods to update the Products object:

{% hint style="info" %} Updates to the Products object should adhere to the schema defined above. {% endhint %}

{% page-ref page="../bulk-imports-exports/" %}

{% page-ref page="../bulk-imports-exports/" %}

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