Codes for our paper on NeuroImage - comparison of pattern regression algorithms and evaluation of sample size impact.
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This is the code of our NeuroImage paper ( about the comparison of different pattern regression algorithms (i.e., OLS, Ridge, LASSO, Elastic-Net, SVR, RVR) and the impact of sample size on the prediction performance.

If you would like to do individualized behavior prediction in your work. It's better to try codes in The codes here are more specific to this study.

Citing our related paper will be greatly appreciated if you use these codes.
Zaixu Cui, Gaolang Gong; The effect of machine learning regression algorithms and sample size on individualized behavioral prediction with functional connectivity features, NeuroImage, Volume 178, Pages 622-637
Zaixu Cui, Mengmeng Su, Liangjie Li, Hua Shu, Gaolang Gong; Individualized Prediction of Reading Comprehension Ability Using Gray Matter Volume, Cerebral Cortex, Volume 28, Issue 5, 1 May 2018, Pages 1656–1672,

The scikit-learn library (version: 0.16.1) was used to implement OLS regression, LASSO regression, ridge regression and elastic-net regression ( (Pedregosa et al., 2011), the LIBSVM function in MATLAB was used to implement LSVR ( (Chang and Lin, 2011), the PRoNTo toolbox ( was used to implement RVR (Schrouff et al., 2013).

C parameter of LSVR is the coefficient of training error, and λ parameter of LASSO/ridge/elastic-net regression is the coefficient of the regularization term, which contrasts one another. Therefore, C was chosen from among 16 values [2-5, 2-,4, …, 29, 210] (Hsu et al., 2003), and accordingly, λ was chosen from among 16 values [2-10, 2-,9, …, 24, 25]. Specifically, for elastic-net regression, we applied a grid search in which λ was chosen from among the 16 values above, and α was chosen from among 11 values, i.e., [0, 0.1, …, 0.9, 1].

Note: Codes for RVR will not work well in Matlab higher than 2012 version.