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A new kind of Practice server core!
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A new kind of Practice server core!

What is ZPractice?

ZPractice is a Practice server core for Spigot that aims to deliver the same experience as premium Practice PvP core plugins, whilst remaining free and open source! This is something that not many have achieved, and most that have tried have produced bad quality plugins.

Why use ZPractice?

Well, the obvious reason is that ZPractice is both free and open source, so there are no fees for just using the standard version. By being open source, you have the benefit of making pull requests to add to ZPractice, benefitting users of the plugin.

How can I use ZPractice?

ZPractice will be available on Spigot when it is completed, but for the time being, feel free to go ahead and download the source code and import it using Maven. If you don't know how to do this, feel free to search around on Discord for some help, it's simpler than it can be made out to be, but I do recommend that you have some prior Java knowledge.

It is important to remember that ZPractice is in ALPHA stages, and is not ready for production, is not fully complete and should not be considered in any way stable. A main exmaple of this is how I am constantly changing storage to make it better.

How can I get support for ZPractice?

Support is given via my Discord server only. Find it here:

Who is involved?

I have mostly developed ZPractice as a solo project, but I have received a lot of help along the way from users such as JavaDebug
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