A web server that allows people to play Hanabi, a cooperative card game of logic and reasoning.
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  • This is the source code for Hanabi Live, which is a website that allows people to play the card game Hanabi online.
  • Most of the client-side code was originally taken from the Keldon's Hanabi webpage.
  • The server is programmed in Go.
  • It uses a MariaDB database to store information about the users and games.
  • The server-side code is in the src subdirectory.
  • All database logic is in the src/models subdirectory.
  • The client-side JavaScript is located in public/js.


Find teammates to play games with at the Hanabi Discord server. We also discuss code changes here.

List of Variants

Hanabi Live implements many different kinds of special variants, in which the rules are changed to make the game more difficult.

List of Features

See the features documentation.


See the installation documentation.


  • Keldon Jones was the original creator of the client-side user interface.
  • Hyphen-ated created Make Hanabi Great Again, a useful Chrome extension that extended the features of Keldon's site. The features from the extension are integrated into Hanabi Live.