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Racing+ Mod Known Bugs

Some gameplay-related bugs are not fixable due to the limitations of the Afterbirth+ Lua API.

Miscellaneous Bugs

  • Various bugs will happen if you alternate between playing two different runs on two different save files.
  • When returning to the Boss Rush from a crawlspace, the camera will jerk from the door to the location of the crawlspace.
  • Rules cards will sometimes show vanilla seeds instead of tournament winners.
  • In a multi-character speedrun, if you save and quit on the frame that the Checkpoint spawns, then you will also spawn a trophy. (Reported by thereisnofuture)
  • Voiding a Forget Me Now will crash the game if the mod was loaded for the first or second time. (Reported by Gamonymous)
  • Bob's Bladder produces green creep instead of blue. (Reported by PassionDrama)
  • If The Forgotten or The Soul falls into a pitfall and dies, then the game will lock up for a few seconds. (Reported by Gamonymous)
  • If there are multiple The Haunts in a room, all of the Lil Haunts will be detached at once, because tracking the individual ones is too difficult. (Reported by thereisnofuture)
  • Teleports can be canceled if you trigger them on the frame before going into a new room. For example, trying to use Cursed Eye when going in or coming out of a Cursed Room will not work.
  • Rarely, the body of the Forgotten will not be teleported to the correct entrance when fighting Gurdy, Mom, Mom's Heart, or It Lives! (Reported by mijibbon)

Bugs with the Schoolbag

  • If put A Pony or a White Pony into the Schoolbag during the charge, you will be put into a state where you are not able to shoot tears. Saving and quitting fixes this.
  • If you put Unicorn Stump or My Little Unicorn inside a Schoolbag, it will prematurely end any type of shield. (Found by thisguyisbarry)
  • If you are using a Breath of Life and perform a Schoolbag switch before releasing the spacebar, it will continue to drain your new active item.
  • If you put Telekinesis into the Schoolbag while the effect is active, your other item will be drained. (Found by TaKer093)
  • If you have Breath of Life inside a Schoolbag, it will automatically be dropped by the Butter! trinket if you hold down the "use item" button instead of immediately releasing it. (Found by Thoday)
  • If you open the same Eternal Chest two or more times and happen to get a active pedestal item and happen to have an empty Schoolbag, the pedestal item will automatically be put in the Schoolbag.
  • If you swap a Schoolbag item on the same frame as a room is cleared, one of the items will get two charges and the other item will get 0 charges. (Found by mgln)

Bugs with Samael

  • Picking up a 2nd Sacrificial Dagger will do nothing. Saving and quitting fixes this.
  • The Flat Worm trinket causes thrown scythes to glitch out. This is purely a graphical glitch. (Found by TaKer093)
  • If you have Ipecac and Death's Touch, the thrown scythe will become invisible. (Reported by Nariom)
  • If you have Mom's Knife, you can bypass the throw charge with proper timing to infinitely throw the scythe at close range. (Found by TaKer093)
  • You can keep the Scythe shot fully charged without pressing any attack button by charging the scythe and release all attack buttons in a slide transition. Once you press any attack button, the Scythe charge will be released and the bug is fixed. (Found by TaKer093)
  • When you have two Wraith Skulls (from using a Diplopia on your initial Wraith Skull), they won't work properly. (Found by Moucheron Quipet)
  • Lasers from Jacob's Ladder will only deal 0.1 damage from melee attacks. (Found by Moucheron Quipet)

Bugs with Seeded Death

  • It does not add or remove transformations. (Reported by Moucheron Quipet)
  • It does not add the familiars back in the correct order. (Reported by thisguyisbarry)
  • It does not properly account for familiars from Cambion Conception and Immaculate Conception.
  • It can cause you to get a 2nd Small Rock from a tinted rock. (Reported by Moucheron Quipet)
  • It can grant the Stompy transformation if you revive with Magic Mushroom or Leo.
  • Reviving with Magic Mushroom bugs out the screen. (Reported by thisguyisbarry)
  • Being a ghost while Mega Blast is active will show the animation playing but the blast itself will be removed.
  • Being a ghost will prevent Brimstone-style lasers from firing. (Reported by Xelnas)
  • Reviving with Experimental Treatment will give you different stats. (Reported by sisuka)
  • The following pills will cause the player to become unfaded:
    • Health Up (7)
    • Range Up (12)
    • Speed Up (14)
    • Tears Up (16)
    • Luck Up (18)
    • Paralysis (22)
    • Power Pill (36)
    • Feels like I'm walking on sunshine! (45)