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Racing+ Mod Known Bugs

Some bugs are not fixable due to the limitations of the Afterbirth+ Lua API.

  • Various bugs will happen if you alternate between playing two different runs on two different save files.
  • Fast-clear does not apply to Challenge Rooms or the Boss Rush.
  • Clearing waves of the Boss Rush won't give any charges to an item in a Schoolbag.
  • When returning to the Boss Rush from a crawlspace, the camera will jerk from the door to the location of the crawlspace.
  • If you switch out A Pony or a White Pony during the charge, you won't be able to shoot tears. Saving and quitting fixes this.
  • If you put Telekinesis into the Schoolbag while the effect is active, your other item will be drained. (Found by TaKer093)
  • If you have Breath of Life inside a Schoolbag, it will automatically be dropped by the Butter! trinket if you hold down the "use item" button instead of immediately releasing it. (Found by Thoday)

There are also some known bugs with Samael (the new character).

  • Picking up a 2nd Sacrificial Dagger will do nothing. Saving and quitting fixes this.
  • The Flat Worm trinket causes thrown scythes to glitch out. This is purely a graphical glitch. (Found by TaKer093)
  • If you have Ipecac and Death's Touch, the thrown scythe will become invisible. (Reported by Nariom)
  • If you have Mom's Knife, you can bypass the throw charge with proper timing to infinitely throw the scythe at close range. (Found by TaKer093)
  • You can keep the Scythe shot fully charged without pressing any attack button by charging the scythe and release all attack buttons in a slide transition. Once you press any attack button, the Scythe charge will be released and the bug is fixed. (Found by TaKer093)