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- To create an Android host, execute and pass it the package
for your application. For example: bash -p com.getmoai.samples
- Note that if libmoai has not yet been compiled for this package, an error
message will be displayed and the generated host will be incomplete.
- If successful, will create a directory called "untitled-host".
This directory contains an Android host template in a directory called
"host-source" that can be edited at will and configured via settings files.
- Use the "" script in the generated directory to create the
Android host once configured. This will create a directory called "build"
which contains a full Android project that can be imported into Eclipse and
launches the host Application, as configured, onto the default Android
emulator or device.
- Ensure that Apache Ant is properly installed and configured. This includes
installing a JDK, setting JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME environment variables and
adding the Ant bin/ directory to your PATH.
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