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Postgres and Postgis


  • pg_dump -Fc -c -C maf > maf.dump

create on Linux server

(as user postgres) createdb --owner=maf maf psql maf CREATE EXTENSION postgis; alter table spatial_ref_sys owner to maf;

create on OS X (new)

createdb -U postgres -T template_postgis --owner=maf maf


(Linux) /usr/share/postgresql/9.4/contrib/postgis-2.1/ maf.sql | psql maf

(OS X - new) iMac: /Applications/mampstack-5.6.8-0/postgresql/share/contrib/postgis-2.1/ maf-.sql | psql maf MacBook Air: /Applications/mappstack-5.4.28-0/postgresql/share/contrib/postgis-2.1/ maf-.sql | psql maf