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DAY=`date +%a%H`
DATE=`date +%y%m%d%H`
pg_dump -Fc -C maf | gzip > $BACKUPDIR/maf-$DAY.sql.gz
# So, this isn't nested in a user directory anymore, so let's find out if this is actually still needed.
# this permission system is so fucked up that just to be sure I have to run this every time or I get exceptions
# sudo setfacl -R -m u:www-data:rwX -m u:maf:rwX /home/maf/symfony/app/cache /home/maf/symfony/app/logs /home/maf/symfony/app/spool
# sudo setfacl -dR -m u:www-data:rwX -m u:maf:rwX /home/maf/symfony/app/cache /home/maf/symfony/app/logs /home/maf/symfony/app/spool
php $APP maf:process:expires --env=prod 2>&1 > $LOGDIR/turn-$DAY.log
php $APP maf:run -t -d turn --env=prod 2>&1 >> $LOGDIR/turn-$DAY.log
php $APP maf:process:economy --env=prod -t 2>&1 >> $LOGDIR/turn-$DAY.log
echo "----- turn done -----" >> $LOGDIR/turn-$DAY.log
# If you're on a server where you want mails, you may want to setup the below as appropriate.
# mail you@hostname.stuff -s 'MaF Turn' < $LOGDIR/turn-$DAY.log
php $APP maf:stats:turn --env=prod -d 2>&1 > $LOGDIR/stats.log
# map generation and legacy map storage
cp /var/www/qgis/maps/allrealms.png /var/www/qgis/maps/history/allrealms-$DATE.png
cp /var/www/qgis/maps/2ndrealms.png /var/www/qgis/maps/history/2ndrealms-$DATE.png
cp /var/www/qgis/maps/majorrealms.png /var/www/qgis/maps/history/majorrealms-$DATE.png
curl -so /var/www/qgis/maps/allrealms.png ",0,512000,512000&CRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=2048&HEIGHT=2048&LAYERS=water,blocked,AllRealms&FORMAT=image/png&map=MapWithRealms.qgs"
curl -so /var/www/qgis/maps/2ndrealms.png ",0,512000,512000&CRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=2048&HEIGHT=2048&LAYERS=water,blocked,2ndLevelRealms&FORMAT=image/png&map=MapWithRealms.qgs"
curl -so /var/www/qgis/maps/majorrealms.png ",0,512000,512000&CRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=2048&HEIGHT=2048&LAYERS=water,blocked,MajorRealms&FORMAT=image/png&map=MapWithRealms.qgs"
convert /var/www/qgis/maps/allrealms.png -resize 256x256 /var/www/qgis/maps/allrealms-thumb.png
convert /var/www/qgis/maps/2ndrealms.png -resize 256x256 /var/www/qgis/maps/2ndrealms-thumb.png
convert /var/www/qgis/maps/majorrealms.png -resize 256x256 /var/www/qgis/maps/majorrealms-thumb.png
# For backup purposes, it may be super handy to download them backups! Or upload them, as is the case below.
# scp $BACKUPDIR/maf-$DAY.sql.gz