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Install script for yiimp on Ubuntu 16.04
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Install script for yiimp on Ubuntu 16.04

While I did add some server security to the script, it is every server owners responsibility to fully secure their own servers. After the installation you will still need to customize your serverconfig.php file to your liking, add your API keys, and build/add your coins to the control panel.

There will be several wallets already in yiimp. These have nothing to do with the installation script and are from the database import from the yiimp github.

If you need further assistance we have a small but growing discord channel at

Do not run the script as root

This script has an interactive beginning and will ask for the following information:

Your time zone Server Name Support Email Address Server Admin Email Address If you would like fail2ban installed If you would like to have SSL (LetsEncrypt) installed - Your domain must be pointed to your server prior to running the script or SSL will fail to install. New custom location for yiimp admin login.

Once those questions are answered the script will then be fully automated for the rest of the install.

  1. Update and Upgrade Ubuntu Packages
  2. Install Aptitude
  3. Install and configure Nginx
  4. Install MariaDB with random root password
  5. Install php7
  6. Install various dev packages required for building blocknotify and stratum
  7. Install SendMail
  8. Install Fail2Ban if selected
  9. Install and configur phpmyadmin with random password for phpmyadmin user
  10. Clone yiimp build packages, create directory structure, set file permissions, and more
  11. Update server clock
  12. Install LetsEncrypt if selected
  13. Create yiimp database, create 2 users with random passwords - passwords saved in ~/.my.cnf
  14. Import the sql dumps from yiimp
  15. Create base yiimp serverconfig.php file to get you going
  16. Updates all directory permissions

This install script will get you 95% ready to go with yiimp. There are a few things you need to do after the main install is finished.

You must update the following files:

  1. /var/web/serverconfig.php - update this file to include your public ip to access the admin panel. update with public keys from exchanges. update with other information specific to your server..
  2. /etc/yiimp/keys.php - update with secrect keys from the exchanges.

After you add the missing information to those files then run: bash bash bash

To download and run

curl -Lo


If this helped you or you feel giving please donate BTC Donation: 16xpWzWP2ZaBQWQCDAaseMZBFwnwRUL4bD

Feel free to join our Discord channel at

Crombie Crunch

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