The objective of this project is to modernize governance and education to become better suited for today.
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This repository contain all the LaTeX files used to compile the HTML files at

The objective of is to modernize governance, education, and research to become better suited for today.

The main LaTeX file for each article can be found in main.tex, and if the article has a bibliography it can be found in main.bib

TeX Live or MiKTeX can be used to compile PDF documents from the LaTeX files. Tex files can be edited in almost any text editor, but a proper LaTeX editor like TeXstudio is recommended. In order to prevent LaTeX from splitting articles into multiple pages, each article has a custom paperheight which might need to be increased or decreased depending on if text is added or deleted. In the folder of each article there should be a script named compile.php which can be used to convert the PDF document into a HTML file, but they are however not necessary to execute, since they will be executed automatically when the articles are uploaded to the website.

You are welcome to collaborate with this project, if you think you can:

  • Find fallacies in the articles
  • Improve the language or design of the articles
  • Expand upon the ideas in the articles
  • Come up with new or better ideas for the articles
  • Improve the conversion from LaTeX to HTML