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This was the home of the development snapshot of python-zarafa for ZCP 7.1

Please read this carefully

Since ZCP 7.2 python-zarafa has been delivered as part of the ZCP core.

As most customers have migrated to 7.2 the need to have a python-zarafa available for older ZCP versions has greatly diminished.

The 7.2 version as delivered with ZCP has gone through a lot of development to add the functionality which was required to implement advanced features.

As a result of these changes the GitHub "7.1" version is no longer compatible with the 7.2 version.

What do I need to do

If you are running ZCP 7.2

Please make sure you have removed the manually installed version of python-zarafa, having both installed will break functionality.

If you are running ZCP 7.1

Please upgrade to ZCP 7.2 if you want to be able to continue to use python-zarafa with its many new features.


The current documentation can be found at

Example scripts

The scripts in the scripts will remain here for educational purposes. Please keep in mind that could be they are no longer compatible with the python-zarafa as shipped with ZCP 7.2

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